The Highflying Angels
Their 50 Greatest Hits, Pitches and Plays
By Bucky Fox

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From the back cover:

Since the Angels’ first flight in 1961, stars from Nolan Ryan to Tim Salmon have shot across baseball’s stratosphere. This swingin’ team keeps the hits flying. Out of the park. Off the charts. How high?

• To the world championship in 2002, starring Garret Anderson and Troy Glaus.
• To their first division title in 1979, thanks to MVP Don Baylor.
• To another division crown in 1982, with Reggie Jackson jackin’ ‘em out.
• To a stunning American League West finish in 2004 behind the slugging of MVP Vladimir Guerrero.
• To a second straight AL West trophy in 2005 while Bartolo Colon fired his way to the Cy Young Award.

Angels fans! Come get your fill of their thrills, smash hits and sky-high spirit right here.

Bucky Fox has been a sportswriter and editor for three decades. He lives in Buena Park, California, just up the road from Angel Stadium, where he roots for the home team while stuffing his face with hot dogs and nachos — and singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

©2006 by Bucky Fox.

ISBN: 0-9778106-0-7

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