The Cure for B.M.S
(Bridal Madness Syndrome)
By Francine DeCicco

Where do I start? Should I sign that contract or wait? Budget – what Budget?
I’m so confused!

Sounds like B.M.S (Bridal Madness Syndrome). Don’t panic!!! Over the years I have seen this condition many times. Believe it or not, it will pass, and hopefully I can provide the cure.

During my years in the wedding industry, I have participated in hundreds of weddings. As a result, I have created this book of secrets for brides to be and their mothers based on my own personal experiences. This humorous, yet touching guide highlights many of the traps and pitfalls of the wedding cycle and covers such topics as:

• The “scoop” on deadbeat florists
• Entertainment “bait and switch” (be careful!)
• Bridesmaids: friends or enemies?
• Capturing the moment on video and in photos
• Mom’s real role in planning the wedding
• The guiding light: mom then and now
• That special relationship between mother and daughter
• How to stay off of the bridal battlefield
• The Brides of 911
• A Diary of My Daughter’s Wedding

ISBN: 0-9766901-0-1


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