Analyzing Your Soil:
Preparing For a Plentiful Harvest
by Lolita A. McClain B.S. R. T(T), C.T.

From the back cover:

Through the severe trials of my family’s struggles with poor health and a healthcare system unable to help us, we turned to the best physician of all, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Like the woman with the issue of blood spoken of in God’s Word, we put our undying faith in our Heavenly Father. God wants to show you that there is a whole world that exists beyond the norm of man’s knowledge and our society’s blind faith in modern medicine. Man is busy trying to discover a cure for many of the diseases and ailments in our world today. The pharmaceutical companies are making billions of dollars each year while chronic illnesses continue to rise, but our Heavenly Father already had it figured out and has written it plainly in His Word. Through the Scriptures, this book will show His children how God designed our intricate bodies to heal themselves – if we maintain a harmonious balance within them.

This book will give readers a greater understanding of the familiar scripture passage dealing with Creation. It will reiterate that which God has already shown us in His Word about the two components He used to create man. The Bible is the greatest textbook of all time and through the biblical account of creation coupled with a scientific study, this book will give readers some insight into God’s wisdom to walking in divine health. It will help readers take a closer look at God’s highest creation, man, and determine what we can do to help keep ourselves from falling into bondage with our own personal health issues.

ISBN: 0-9788015-0-4

©2005 Lolita McClain

Price: $15.95

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