King George in His La-La Land
by Mehrdad Goudarzi

From the back cover:

Top 10 Differences Between Bush and Schwarzenegger:

10 - One is governor; the other thinks he is a king.
9 - One used to be an actor; the other acts 24/7.
8 - One chose his wife out of love; the other because he needed constant home tutoring.
7 - One is mastering his second language; the other still learning his first.
6 - One tries to hide his accent; the other tries not to look foolish.
5 - One pretends to be a Republican; the other pretends god speaks through him.
4 - One likes action in movies; the other likes action in real life.
3 - One thinks of clean fuel; for the other fuel is clean.
2 - One thinks global warming is serious matter; while the other thinks it’s a hoax.
1 - One considers family values important; for the other, the only thing he values is the family connection.

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