ECPrinting offers affordable high quality book cover design.

Too many self published books are dull and easy to spot when compared to samples pulled from a book shelf at any book store. You won't have much of a chance selling your book in a retail environment without an eye catching cover. It is frustrating to see an author spend so much time and effort on the writing and content of the book and then try to throw together a cover without giving it much thought.

We realize that not all books require an extremely eye catching cover. Many of our customers do not intend on selling books in bookstores. We print for a lot of authors who plan on handing books out to family and friends, so cover design isn't much of an issue. However, if you plan to sell books to a browsing consumer at a bookstore, an eye catching cover is essential.

There are several high quality independent book cover designers to choose from on the internet. In most cases you'll find that it is a substantial investment to have a professional quality book cover designed. ECPrinting is always happy to work with any independent or professional quality self designed book.

Book cover design can be expensive. We think that many times self publishers pay too much for book cover design. ECPrinting has a staff of highly talented and experienced book cover designers that can provide you with a cover to be proud of. Most of the time it is more cost effective to have us design your cover rather than sending it to an independent designer. Since we know that we are responsible for the finished book product, we take cover design very seriously.

We'll consult with you about what you'd like to see on your cover and provide you with an honest cost estimate. You might be pleasantly surprised when you compare our cost against an independent cover designer. You will also be happy with the finished product. You will not be charged unless we provide you with the cover you're looking for. We would be happy to send you samples of our work. Contact us today about your cover design.

Click Here for a few samples of covers we've recently designed.

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