Is offset book printing better than digital book printing?

From a quality standpoint the answer is yes. Books printed on an offset press are usually better in quality than the same book printed on a digital machine like a high speed Xerox Docutech. Of course, it will all depend on the care given by the press operator to the project. Offset printing provides higher resolution and better photo reproduction. Digital books also tend to curl a bit more than books printed by the offset method. The extreme heat used by the digital machines extract moisture from the paper, resulting in a slight curl to the sheet. This usually subsides after awhile of storage time.

Offset printing is not always the best option. Quantities under 300 are far more econcomical to produce on a digital machine rather than an offset press. The technology has improved greatly and we are using digital machinery that produces good halftone and photo reproduction. We've chosen our equipment very carefully to assure a high quality result. We're proud of the digital books we've produced and we'd be happy to send you samples of some of our projects. You'll find that the quality of our digital books are superior to most on the market.

ECPrinting provides both offset printing and high speed digital printing. We know that every project is unique and it's important for us to be flexible. ECPrinting has the equipment to provide high quality books at an affordable price. Our prices are hard to beat at any quantity from 100 - 10,000 books. Contact us for an estimate or you can submit an online estimate.

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