Have ECPrinting store your books for no extra charge!

We realize that book storage can be an issue for self publishers. Not everyone has the room to store books. It's important that books are stored in a safe environment free from excess heat and moisture. ECPrinting can eliminate the worry of safe book storage for you. We consider book storage as part of our service and do not charge extra for it.

Clients who wish to take advantage of the financial benefit of a larger print run can do so without having to worry about storing the books. If you think you can sell 1,000 books or more - it doesn't make sense to order 100 at a time. The per unit cost of a 1,000 order is much smaller than the per unit cost of an order of 100 books.

Many of our customers choose to have us store their books and ship them when needed. This works well for traveling speakers who sell books at different speaking engagements throughout the country. Often times we will ship books to the hotel our client is staying in. Others will have us fulfill orders for them to different bookstores and purchasers.

Contact us today to speak with us about how we can help you with book storage.

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